Tegan and Mitchell

Anya was our only option for a wedding planner as we had both seen her in action many times around other people's weddings and events. Anya allowed me to help with the planning and her meetings were always thorough. No question was too hard for Anya and when it came to the day, her assistant, Valerie and herself worked so hard. Doing a wedding at your house is something no one should take on lightly as it takes a lot more planning and preparation, but Anya can do it and look relaxed whilst doing it.

Thank you so much Anya for helping and making our dream wedding come to light!

Looking at each other.jpg
Christine and Jared

Where do I begin?! I met with Anya with a very critical mind as I was 90% set that I didn't need an on-the-day coordinator for my wedding. It was only when my mom convinced me to try and meet with different people and hear what they have to say.

She was the first (and honestly, the only) one I needed to meet. She explained to me so clearly what it meant to have a coordinator on my wedding day - and I was sold. And I'm so thankful I listened to my mom and took Anya on board!

Anya was sooo amazing to work with. She worked well and beyond - communicating with me and offering to help me even before the day itself. And I was able to enjoy my wedding day because I can trust that she is there and all is handled well.

If you're thinking if you should have a coordinator or on-the-day coordinator for your wedding I HIGHLY recommend getting in touch with Anya. She is such a delight to get to know and more importantly she's very good to have on your side - on one of the most important days of your life.

Thank you Anya! All the best to you ♥️

Polina and Jamil.jpg
Polina and Jamil

"Anya helped to organise our wedding and she did an amazing job! She is very responsible, helped us through every step of our wedding planning.


We loved working with Anya, she is a great person and very easy to get a long with. We totally recommend her services to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed/stressed out about the wedding planning or doesn't have much time on their hands! "

Roya and Shahab.jpg
Roya and Shabab

Anya is AMAZING! I couldn't have better things to say about working with Anya. Throughout the planning process, Anya was attentive, organised and resourceful.


Most importantly she is a truly genuine person. Anya helped to alleviate any additional stress leding up to the wedding by providing helpful tips and resources that kept me on track for our big day. 

Marina and Pavel.jpg
Marina and Pavel

Anya is absolutely wonderful! She helped me go through all the wedding planning without any stress. She was very helpful from the first meeting. She gave me lots of advice and tips about having a wedding in New Zealand. Then on the wedding day Anya was more my bridesmaid!


Thank you very much for that. She went the extra mile for me and made a special effort to achieve the best result. Thank you again and I wish you more wonderful wedding days in your journey!