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Unveiling the Top Questions Asked to Wedding Photographers

Updated: Mar 12

Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, from choosing the perfect venue to selecting the menu that will tantalise guests' taste buds. Amidst all the excitement and anticipation, one crucial aspect that couples often prioritise, is their wedding photography. As they embark on this journey to capture their special day, numerous questions inevitably arise. In this blog post, we'll delve into the top questions asked to Olga Bhana, whom we have worked with on several occasions. Olga offers some guidance for couples navigating this essential aspect of their wedding planning journey.

Olga is a Coromandel based wedding photographer specialising in documentary and mostly unscripted ways of capturing special celebrations. It has been nearly 7 years since Olga took her first camera and tried capturing a few moments around her home. From there, Olga got into family photography and eventually grew into weddings, making sure to capture unique moments of these special celebrations.

We asked what are the top questions she gets asked the most, keep reading to find out.

How long do you think we should hire you for? The whole day? Half day?

When you are right in the beginning of your wedding planning journey, first things come first - you book the venue and photographer and/or videographer. Photographers often get booked almost 18 months in advance but there are high chances couples probably don't have a timeline of the day, so it can be overwhelming to decide how long your photographer should be there. In this case I start with asking the questions that will lead to a rough idea of what they expect from me. For example, do they want to have their getting ready photos taken? Is the first dance important to them? And so on and then based on my experience I know whether we are talking a half or full day. 

What happens if you get sick and cannot work on the day?

That is why we have a contract in place so both sides are covered. Normally, If I'm unwell I take care of it and make sure there is another photographer to capture your day. We have a fantastic and very supportive photographers community here in New Zealand, so finding a replacement is never an issue. With this I will always make sure to find a photographer whose style is as close as possible to mine. 

Do you work alone on the day or with a second photographer / assistant? 

If it is a long and very busy day where I know I will need extra help, I will have an assistant making sure every minute is used wisely. When it comes to a second photographer, this will be decided with you based on your preferences. This being said, I work on my own for the vast majority of weddings.

Olga’s tip: There are so many questions that always pop up and not all of them are repetitive. My biggest advice would be to meet your photographer before signing the contract and ask as many questions as you have. And last but not least, on the actual wedding day - enjoy it! 

Selecting the right wedding photographer is a key decision that can profoundly influence how couples remember and cherish their special day. By asking thoughtful questions and engaging in open communication, couples can establish a connection with their photographer, align on expectations, and embark on this collaborative journey with confidence and excitement, knowing that their love story will be beautifully captured. 


Bhana Photography - Olga Bwana Website


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